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2546 of the very best classic, simulated Multiple Choice Questions for the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination Post Graduate


QBank For The FMGE

821 of the very best classic, simulated Multiple Choice Questions for the Screening Test for Indians with Foreign Medical Qualifications


QBank For The USMLE STEP 1

3011 of the very best classic, classic, simulated Multiple Choice Questions


QBank For The JEE Main

1263 of the very best classic, simulated Multiple Choice Questions for the Joint Entrance Exam Main Engineering Exam



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What Clients say

I am an Internist. I studied from Qbank only. I would quickly read the chapter in Textbook, then do Qbank questions and go back to read and understand things. This saved much time. I managed to do only 2000 question nearly. The exam style was too close, i wish i did all the bank, as then i would have secured a higher mark even.

Student, AndraPradesh, India

Used the IndiaQBank for 2 month and got good score, Really helped familiarize nature and style of questions on the actual exam.

Student, Delhi, India

Our Features

You rely on your performance, so an easy to understand and simple performance tracking tool is an important addition to your arsenal.
The standard deviation graph allows you to monitor your progress and provides a visual representation of where you stand in the competition. As your performance gets better you will notice that your percentile ranking improves as well!
We've optimized all the parameters for you so you don't have to start over every time.
As soon as you login to your QBank, it directly takes you to the test page with all the popular test parameters preset for you. All you need to do is click the "Create test" button and your test is launched
Well everybody has to start somewhere. Perhaps you are a medical student starting your preparation early or a well experienced physician who has lost touch with academics. You can now start with the "Easy" level of questions and then gradually work your way up to the "Medium" and "Hard" difficulty levels.
In fact you can take the "notes" feature one step further. Create your notes within the MCQ and then add the MCQ to the "My Questions" section. These questions with notes can be reviewed on a separate section of the user interface. This creates a highly impressive overall customization and greatly enhances your quality of learning.
IndiaQBank gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself against other competitors by taking tests in timed mode. Your results will reveal how well you performed when compared to your competitors who used CanadaQBank with a similar combination of questions

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